I have worked for about three decades in green building, real estate development and renewable energy project development. My company web site describes the focus of my recent work.

There are some basic premises to much of my world view. Might as well just put it out there:

  • Energy is the lifeblood of a modern economy
  • Our nation’s dependence on imported petroleum is not sustainable
  • Real long term economic solutions need to deal with our energy challenges
  • We have huge challenges ahead of us in creating a sustainable economy
  • We are living in a time of both real danger and profound opportunity
  • Human intelligence and creativity are our most precious natural resources
  • Stable, rational, restrained and fair rule of law is essential for prosperity
  • The laws of science and math are immutable
  • Peace, freedom and liberty beat the alternatives
  • Free markets work
  • Design matters
  • Details matter
  • Keep it simple

My perspective tends to favor a mix of green technological solutions and competitive market oriented economic solutions. Perhaps not quite a conventional consensus yet, but one I believe we will get to as folks recognize the realities of the alternatives.

More and more people are beginning to realize that no solution is sustainable until it is both profitable and environmentally sensible. Forward looking environmentalists are embracing true free market principles while forward looking economists,  businesses and political leaders are realizing we have to remove the “externalities” and hidden subsidies in our economy that encourage waste and environmental destruction.

In order to get things done in the real world, I have found that dogmatism doesn’t help much. And despite the fondest hopes of some folks, I’ve come to accept that perfection unfortunately isn’t an achievable goal. So I maintain a prejudice for action and measurably good results.

Having had to work with the unintended consequences of well intended public policy and other idealized notions of various kinds, I have decided to share some of my observations on how energy, water, science, design, policy, politics, economics and real world business all interface. Hopefully these observations can indeed be part of an emerging consensus.

Fred Unger