The Tea Party And The 2010 Elections

If the Tea Party folks really want the rest of us to believe that they are voice of liberty and responsibility, why do they keep backing people with extremist social agendas like Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell?

The moment is ripe for a truly responsible party that believes in both individual liberty and economic responsibility.  Clearly the Republicans and Democrats are failing. Why is it our only choices are between extremist elitists on the left who want to control our economic lives with their academic fantasies, extremist moralists on the right who want to tell us all how to live our personal lives, and hypocritical career politicians who don’t believe in anything except their own power and sucking up to special interests for cash?

What happened to the principles of freedom, liberty and personal responsibility that our nation was founded on? Hopefully we can get at least a few politicians that both believe in those core principles and can provide some modest evidence of  competence.

Currently it appears that the best America can hope for is a completely deadlocked congress that won’t do more harm.



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2 responses to “The Tea Party And The 2010 Elections

  1. Tom

    America is in desperate need of a moderately conservative party. The GOP has long strayed from its fiscal conservatism that it was once proud of, and that seems to be one thing the Tea Party has gotten right. Other Tea Party actions, as you point out, haven’t been as good.


  2. I don’t think either choice is appealing. I also don’t see the Democrats abandoning control of our finances, nor the Republicans becoming less intrusive in our private lives. Either party is abundant with hypocrisy, and they are predictable with their “politically affiliated” sex, or money scandals. I personally thought the tea party ridiculous, and comprised of an older generation who likely are not accepting of immigrants, gays, and abortion. My opinion has not changed of their base, but I see the possibility of a growth within their party. The fact that they did not prostrate to the Republicans and ignored voting direction indicates that this party will likely mature with independent minds. In my estimation, this years most compelling moment in politics was viewing Karl Rove having a fit on Fox News. It occurred to me at that moment the tea partiers had officially cut their Republican umbilical chord, and a new party had arrived. While the Libertarian party has independent ideas from either extremes, they have lacked the ability to be taken seriously, nor to act in an organized manner. Fed up Republicans, Democrats, Independents will likely be enticed by the spirit of the tea party organization.

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