A Politician That Can Count

It’s refreshing to see a politician in Washington from either party that appears both able and willing to do basic arithmetic. Watch this video from the Blair House Health Care Summit.

As Investors Business Daily points out, neither President Obama or any Democrat offered any rebuttal to Paul Ryan’s facts and math.



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3 responses to “A Politician That Can Count

  1. Wow. Thanks for posting this. A factual discussion, it’s mindboggling..
    Good work!

  2. bill

    agree. The government already can’t run Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, Tricare, etc. Why would anyone think they can bite off any more?

  3. Paul Ryan sure is on the radar now… might be a central figure in the next generation of Gops, which would be a good thing..

    There’s a backgrounder on the man and his proposals at cnn‘s today..

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