Joel Kotkin’s Hopeful Prognosis

In “The Kids Will Be Alright”, Joel Kotkin offers a hopeful prognosis for the America’s competetive position in the future based on population projections, ethnic diversity and our historically optimistic and entrepreneurial  cultural traditions.

He suggests that

The very diversity of the emerging America makes many wonder what ultimately will hold the country together. Ultimately, this unique society will find its binding principle in the notions that have long differentiated it from the rest of world: a common belief system, a sense of a shared destiny and an aspirational culture.

Kotkin ends his economic and democraphic musing optimistically:

Of course, this optimistic scenario depends on intelligent and energetic actions by central and local governments, as well as community organizations. But the road to the American future will be primarily laid not by the central state but by families, individuals and communities. During the industrial age Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed, “The age has an engine, but no engineer.” Much the same may be said in the coming decades.


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