A Great City In Ruin

Bob Hebert’s description of Detroit is pretty clear in “Detroit: A City In Ruins”

And while Hebert’s call for a government focused solution to the problem is asking for more of the same “solution” that brought this once great city to ruin, his fundamental analysis of the problem is right – we’ve abandoned our industrial base and no longer reward people for producing real stuff in this country. Instead we focus on offering each other services, that at the end of the day we can’t trade or use to pay for our ever burgeoning foreign debt.

There’s a reason Detroit died and that the average house sale in the city now sells for a fraction of the cost of one of the few cars still made there.  Years of bad tax policy, stupid labor policy, no energy policy and the government getting just about everything they touched completely wrong has turned what was once the most productive city on earth to a depressing wasteland that can’t even afford to buy toilet paper for its public schools.

Unless we completely refocus government effort on getting out of the way and allowing people to be productive and to be rewarded for productivity, Detroit will be a harbinger for the future of our nation.


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