The Huge Mistake

Environmental Attorney’s Laurie Williams and  Allan Zabel have supplemented their written critiques of the Waxman Markey Cap and Trade bill with an excellent short video – “The Huge Mistake” .

Something about video is more compelling than more writing.

As the first comment on the YouTube link notes, it is telling that “the top-ranked U.S. Climate Scientist (James Hansen) and the top-ranked (Nobel prize winning) economist working on climate change (Joseph Stiglitz) both agree that caps are a mistake, and that a carbon tax with recycled revenue is the solution.”

I wonder what it will take to get the major environmental organizations to abandon what Williams and Zabel correctly label as “The Big Ripoff” and instead support “The Real Solution” – the answer to our fossil fuel addiction that the majority of economists and sensible folks from all political persuasions – a revenue neutral carbon tax.


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