US Constitution Banned In Rhode Island

The Providence Journal reports that Rhode Island Tea Party was permanently banned from participating in the oldest Independence Day parade in the nation for the heinous crime of handing out free copies of the US Constitution.

A quick check of the parade rules doesn’t make it evident that handing out free copies of the US Constitution would be grounds for permanent barring from the parade. (at least they didn’t when this was posted). Perhaps those rules will be quickly changed when the press gets a hold of this story.

I wonder what it is those folks on the parade committee think they are celebrating with all their flag waving. Someone on the Bristol parade committee should perhaps read one of those copies of the Constitution that upset them so much. I’d suggest they pay particular attention to the First Amendment.

At least this story is getting coverage in the popular press, unlike the trampling of the Constitution that seems to be an increasingly preferred means of expediting politicians favored outcomes in Washington these days.


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