Shultz & O’Reilly On Energy Policy

Interesting video here: Ex-Secretary of State George Shultz and Chevron CEO and Chairman David O’Reilly speaking on energy policy at the International Association for Energy Economics.

They both favor a Carbon Tax for very clear and sensible foreign relations, national security, environmental and economic reasons. Both are concerned regarding the political failure in Washington to address the subject of climate change in a credible and serious manner. O’Reilly describes Waxman Markey as “a shell game”.  Shultz suggests that “it is going to be so obviously corrupt it is going to discredit the whole idea.”

It should be noted that when Shultz suggests that a straight carbon tax would give the US far more credibility in negotiating climate treaties, he carries the credibility of having negotiated the Montreal protocol, the most successful international environmental treaty in history.


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