The Need For Healthy Introspection

We advocates of environmentally responsible economic and technological solutions should consider the possibility that instead of a permanent paradigm shift, what we may be living through could possibly be a green bubble, not unlike the solar bubble of the Carter years, the tech bubble of the late 90s and the recent housing bubble.

That isn’t a politically correct possibility to consider or discuss. But if we are going to be more successful this time around than we were in the seventies, especially at a policy level, we should try to maintain a broad perspective, a healthy level of skepticism and some introspection regarding our efforts and the heavily subsidized success we are experiencing in the “green economy” sectors these days.

George Will has an interesting editorial in the Washington Post “Green With Guilt”. It includes a link to a new TV show I had never heard of before called “The Goode Family which from the clips looks hilarious, though it might hit a few sensitive nerves.

Will suggests in his conclusions that “Reengagement with reality is among the recession’s benefits.” Recent polls show that the American public in general considers Climate Change to be at the bottom of the list of issues they are concerned with and which they think the government should address.

Those of us who want to help create a real paradigm shift to a sustainable future have to engage more clearly in the issues that most people are concerned with and reach beyond preaching to the choir. We need to be clearer regarding how what we do realistically fits in the larger context of the changes all around us, especially the economic changes. To be sustainable, “green” solutions need to compliment and build upon the successful aspects of the legal, economic and social systems that our modern society was built from.


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