Who Else Supports Tax Shifting?

Over the years, numerous prominent people have endorsed some version of a tax shift similar to the proposed Freedom Tax, moving our tax system away from discouraging work, investment and job creation in favor of taxing petroleum. Among many other thought leaders of all political persuasions, they they include:

Stephen Chu – US Energy Secretary
Greg Mankiw – Economist, Harvard University
Al Gore – Past Vice President of US
Rex Tllletrson – Chairman Exxon Mobil
Senator Christopher Dodd
Lawrence Summers – Past Treas Secretary
Alan Greenspan – Past Chair Federal Reserve
Arthur Laffer – Economist
Gilbert Metcalf – Economist, Tufts University
George P. Schultz – Past Secretary of State
Lester Brown – Earth Policy Institute
Robert Reich – Past US Secretary of Labor
Jamie Dimon – CEO, JPMorgan Chase
Dan Reicher – Google
Lawrence Lindsey – Economist
Herman E. Daly – Economist, University of Maryland
Jeffrey Sachs – Economist, Columbia University
William Ruckelhaus – Past EPA Director
Andrew Sullivan, Columnist
Martin Feldstein – Nobel Prize Economist
Joe Klein – Time Magazine
Nouriel Roubini -Economist, New York University
Paul Volcker – Past Chair, Federal Reserve
Carl Pope – Sierra Club
Bruce Williamson, CEO, Dynegy
Thomas Friedman – New York Times Columnist
T. Boone Pickens – Oil & Wind Energy Entrepreneur
Joseph Stiglitz – Nobel Prize Economist
David Brooks – New York Times Columnist
Paul Krugman – Nobel Prize Economics
Richard Posner – Economist
Jim Gordon – CEO, Energy Management.
Anne Applebaum – Washington Post Columnist
Fareed Zakaria: – Newsweek Columnist
Lewis Hay III, CEO, FPL Group
Ronald Bailey – Reason Magazine Science Columnist
Robert J. Samuelson – Economist, Newsweek
Paul Anderson – Former CEO, Duke Energy
Bill McKibben -Author, The End of Nature
Steve Chapman – Columnist Chicago Tribune
Clive Cook – Columnist Financial Times
Charles Krauthammer – Columnist The New Republic
Nicole Gelinas – Columnist Wall Street Journal
Holman Jenkins Jr. – Columnist Wall Street Journal
William Moomaw – Tufts University
James Hansen – NASA


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